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Need To Learn A Blackjack Basic Strategy?

The Blackjack Trainer, included in Blackjack Complete, helps you to master a black jack basic strategy. This blackjack software is not a blackjack simulation. It focuses on training specific strategies for a given blackjack rule set. Depending on where you are playing, the basic blackjack strategy that you use will be different. Once you master one basic strategy, you will be able to quickly learn others with the black jack trainer. Most importantly - by using the proper basic strategy, blackjack can be one of the better bets in a casino with a house edge of around 0.5%.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Trainer Feature Summary

  • Basic Strategy Editor to view, modify and create basic strategies.
  • Prints color basic strategy cards to take with you to the casino.
  • Focus Sets that allow you focus in on the hands you need work on.
  • Short Quizzes which limit the number of hands for a training session.
  • Review and re-quiz of hands that you have trouble with.
  • Session statistics will help you track your progress.
  • Toggle surrender option on and off.
  • Settings can be used directly by the Blackjack Trainer Screen Saver.

Why Use A Blackjack Strategy Trainer?

Back Jack Strategy Trainer As mentioned above, the typical black jack basic strategy has 260 hands to learn. The Blackjack Strategy Trainer makes it easy to learn and retain a basic blackjack strategy by eliminating hands that you know well and focusing on hands that you donít. Once you have learned one basic strategy, you can quickly learn different strategies by using ĎFocus Setsí. You can literally focus in on the differences between strategies without having to trudge through numerous hands that the different strategies have in common. Focus sets are also useful in concentrating on hands that prove to be difficult to remember. Other black jack strategy trainers display hands at random from the entire set so that you may rarely, or never, see the hands you need to work on. Another feature of the software is that a repeated presentation of the same hand will have different suits and card values. A hard 13 can be represented by 7,6 or 6,7 or 8,5 etc.). By varying the presentation of a hand, your responses are based on what the basic strategy calls for and not the visual display of the hand.

Flexible To Suit Your Needs

Backjack Strategy Trainer From the options dialog, you can toggle whether or not to include surrender, set the size of the quiz, and whether to use the focus set or the entire strategy. Included in this software is a basic strategy editor from which you can view, modify and create blackjack basic strategies. With the editor, you are also able to create a focus set for a given strategy. Both the strategy and the focus set are saved in the same file so when you load a strategy, you have your focus set ready to use.

A blackjack basic strategy is a set of actions to take depending on what cards the player has and what card the dealer is showing. A typical blackjack strategy has 260 possible hands for which an action is assigned. The blackjack strategy that one employs depends on the number of decks used in the game and the blackjack rule set a casino uses for blackjack. For example, while a local casino will only offer 6-deck blackjack without surrender, Las Vegas blackjack will also offer 2-deck blackjack with surrender. The black jack basic strategy will change slightly between a 2-deck game and a 6-deck game as well as a game with and without surrender. The options available in the Black Jack Strategy Trainer simplify management of strategies and learning them.

What Basic Strategy Should You Use?

The basic blackjack strategy that you use will depend on where you are playing. You should find out what the blackjack rule set of the casino is before gambling there. Not only do the rules effect what strategy to use, but also how big the house edge is. The black jack trainer comes with some of the more common basic strategies as well as a basic guide to blackjack.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Screen Saver You are welcome to view our web version of the Blackjack Guide on How To Play Blackjack and Rules Of Blackjack